Get your Voodoo on

It has been an incredibly busy spring with Summer fast approaching, there have been tears, laughter, tragedy, surprises, and life it goes on. I have had to put the dolls on hold to leave Canada and visit my granddaughter who is having surgery in the states, and will be having surgery again in July so […]

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Where to sell?

It is funny how many people still believe one version of something that they have read or seen instead of researching. Also it amazes me how I get turned down for shows quite often just based on the fact that I sell for Voodoo dolls. But what really astounds me the most are establishments, one […]

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Turning sadness into art

My niece passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago and it was pretty traumatic for my sister. Unexpected, shocking, something I’ll not soon forget. I had made another doll for her from funky fabrics she picked out and hadn’t had a chance to give it to her. Afterwards I decided to post it and named her […]

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New dolls

While I try to share my knowledge and belief that Voodoo is not the evil religion that Hollywood has made it out to be, I slowly build my fan base and orders improve slightly! Even the voodoo Museum in New Orleans is interested! Here are some new dolls…

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Voodoo and the Hollywood myth

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding Voodoo, mostly perpetrated by Hollywood and the need to turn Voodoo into something evil, which we all know sells. Purposeful misconceptions and purposeful conjurings may seem harmless to Hollywood writers but most people don’t look beyond what they see on the big screen. Voodoo dolls are universally associated […]

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