New Voodoo Dolls

After a few crazy weeks of school (holidays preferred) I enjoyed an evening connecting and making some new Voodoo Dolls. It is cathartic and helpful for me to get centered this way. I hope you enjoy!! I do custom orders and really just want the dolls to go to the right home!

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Harley Quinn Voodoo Doll

Sometimes I get a special custom order for something that is just pure fun to have and make, like this doll. I enjoyed making her although she has no significant meaning and was strictly for someone who loves Harley Quinn!! Variation and experimentation is always good and I think she turned out awesome!! Custom orders […]

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10 things about Voodoo

Thanks to popular portrayal by Hollywood, voodoo is perhaps one of the world’s most misunderstood religions. Most depictions of voodoo show a dark, mysterious religion that revolves around animal sacrifices, casting harmful spells, and using dolls to hurt others. That’s about as far from the truth as you can get, and the real stories behind […]

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Papa John

Dr. John Montanee, a New Orleans Voodoo. Another important figure of New Orleans voodoo was Dr. John, a dark-skinned, stately man with a tattooed face whose alleged powers brought him thousands of clients. Voodoo both fascinated and repelled the white New Orleanians who came to watch the public rites that were held in Congo Square […]

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