Voodoo Doll sale!

Still 25% off until the end of March and all my customers know I like to give a little something so everyone who makes a purchase gets a free small wrapped protection doll 😁 Unique one-of-a-kind and definitely a collector’s item great Mother’s Day gift!

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Dark voodoo dolls

In colour only! In voodoo culture all black dolls are considered evil and used in black magic, however, combining the dark with light is a powerful combination from rebirth to transfiguration.

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New day new dolls

Had a record busy month of January, which I know is unusual generally speaking in retail but I would say voodoo dolls are a specialty item and perhaps dont apply! Either way I’m very excited ….made some interesting sales that may help my new business! Check out the dolls, great prices and an amazing unique […]

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Sale time!!

25% off for Valentine’s Day, Sale runs until February 8th, tired of the same old same old gifts? These are one-of-a-kind, unique, quirky and made just for you!

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