My morbid side

Most of us have one, a fascination with the unknown, with death, which is as natural as life itself. I do enjoy making scary art especially corpses, my latest happened because I found this odd frame and was trying to figure out how to repurpose it into something cool 😎

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Halloween Dolls

All my dolls are empowerment, good luck and positive energy. I believe everyone should have a protection doll which you can place on your door of your house orca specific room where you feel the need. Pins and hexing are a Hollywood recreation of Voodoo culture and the arts, and while everything seems more interesting […]

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The importance of an altar

While some people have altars just for show which is perfectly fine others have a sparse altar connecting to the diety they feel a bond with. THIS can include gifts, candles, perfume; liquor and cigarettes to name a few. Your altar should be clean and attended to in that regard but how often you visit […]

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