what is gris-gris

Although the exact origins of the word are unknown, some historians trace the word back to the African word juju meaning fetish. An alternative theory is that the word originates with the French joujou meaning doll or play-thing. It has otherwise been attributed in scholarly sources to the Mandingo word meaning “magic.” History The gris-gris originated […]

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Marriage/Bride Groom Doll

With weddings and love in the air this time of year this is a very special doll that I think symbolizes the connection and closeness between two people. The doll is half bride/half groom, faceless and yet entwined in an embrace. The doll is about marriage but that does not have to be the marriage […]

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New Voodoo Doll

I make dolls almost every day!! I enjoy the creative process, never really knowing how the finished doll will look. I often say I let the doll be created but then I get odd looks. Most days I love the finished doll, the name is picked the doll is complete and I lovingly place it […]

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New Orleans Voodoo

Although slave owners throughout the American South worked to convert their slaves to Christianity from African religions, the slaves did not easily give up their old beliefs. In Catholic New Orleans, Africans found ways to continue their faiths by syncretizing their pantheon of gods with the saints. Because New Orleans society permitted the existence of […]

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Papa Legba

Who is Papa Legba? Papa Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey (Benin) Africa and is said to be the guardian and trickster of the crossroads and entrances. He is one of the most widely served African deities. In Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo, Papa Legba is the intermediary between the […]

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Maman Brigitte

Maman Brijit is a Vodou Lwa or spirit Who is the protectress of cemeteries. She is one of the family of the Gede or Guede, the Vodou death spirits whose numbers include Bawon Samdi, Bawon Gede, and Gede Nimbo or Nibo, guardian of children. The Gede, especially Bawon Samdi, Her husband, are tricksters Who are […]

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Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the mother of all. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which means “Mother Whose Children are the Fish.” As all life is […]

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